Search Engine Optimization
Package Starting at $50.00

Virtual Web Communications will check your website using Search Engine Optimization tools to evaluate your sites performance for "keyword meta tags" and "description meta tags" containing the keywords and/or keyword phrases specifically for a site page.   

After the SEO evaluates your site, we will offer suggestions on how to optimize your website for indexing by the search engines. VWC will then insert "keyword meta tags" and "description meta tags" containing the keywords exclusively for your website.  For more information please contact Search Engine Optimization Support.


Search Engine Optimization Support
search engine
Search Engine Optimization

The Ranking Monitor utility

link popularity checker

The Link popularity checker seo tools

link popularity checker

The Site indexation tool utility

link popularity checker

site optimization

The Link exchange tool

link exchange tool

The Site analyzer

site analyzer

The Log analyzer

 log analyzer

The Page Rank analyzer

page rank analyzer

site analyzer

The Keyword suggestion tool

keyword suggestion tool

The Google Data Centers program

google data centers

The Snippets viewer seo tools


Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization

Get your web pages submitted to the Search Engines.

We will submit your site to the Search Engines and link pages for only $15.00 per month if you have an account with us. The price is $25.00 per month if you do not have an account with us.

Your main page will be submitted to the major search engines once per month
Search Engines
search engine submittal

E-commere/Shopping Carts
Option #1

  • We will load a copy of the web store for you.
  • Full featured Shopping Cart software.
  • Free with the 75MB and 100MB accounts

    1 See Demo

E-commere/Shopping Carts
Option #2

  • On-line Real Time Credit card approval.
  • Full featured Shopping Cart software.
  • $295 one time set up fee + 10 cents per transaction
  • There is a $40.00 minimum per/month

  *You do need to have some HTML and CGI knowledge to set up the Web Store.
Help Manual

Search Engine Optimization
is an integrated suite of web promotion search engine optimization tools that cover all aspects of website, web page optimization and promotion such as the Ranking Monitor Utility and the Link Popularity Checker.

This seo tool uses your website keywords to obtain the ranking position of your website from a wide range of search engines. The list of over thirty major international search engines includes: Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, AltaVista, AllTheweb, Lycos, HotBot and so on.

The number of inbound links to your website is a major factor in successful search engine promotion and this tool analyzes these links. The Search Engine Optimization package enables Virtual Web Communications to create a comprehensive list of links to your web project and follow their dynamics by revealing new and out-dated links. The module can also analyze your competitor's websites and search for potential link exchange resources.

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